Fri, 07/07/2017 - 15:08


SLA.ALARM Burglary Prevention System is an independent alarm system, which detects burglars and makes them go away, before they attempt to break in or cause damage to your door.
The activation of the system is performed by a wireless remote control.

How does it operate?
The infrared rays' sensors are placed on the outside of the door, so as to monitor the spot in front of the lock inlet. After the deterrent system is activated by a wireless remote control, then if a hand or a tool approaches, e.g. screwdriver, pliers or anything else, the siren is automatically activated.

Where can it be placed?
It can be placed on any door, old or new, wooden, armoured, aluminium, synthetic or garage door, even on external frames.

When do we activate the system?
Every time we leave the house, but even when we go to sleep, because our goal is to prevent the burglar from approaching our door, let alone destroy or break in.

Can its activation be cancelled?
The only way to disable it is by the remote control which is in possession of the owner. If someone attempts to break in or destroy a sensor, the siren is automatically activated. This feature of the SLA.ALARM prevention system makes burglars run away.

If the electricity supply is interrupted, does it still operate?
Of course, in this case it operates with an internal rechargeable battery.

In what way is it different from the other alarms?
Unlike all known alarms which are activated after the door has been opened, SLA.ALARM timely detects burglars and makes them go away before they attempt to break in, by activating the siren.

How important is it to choose the SLA.ALARM Burglary Prevention System?
It is very important for you and your family, but also for your neighbours, because the siren operates as a deterrent and releases you from the threat of burglars.


Technical characteristics
• Power supply 110-240V AC /50-60Hz.
• Rechargeable battery 3.6V / 1000 mAh (NiMH).
• Autonomy up to 10 hours (no alarm). Intensity of siren 105db in 1m.

Technical characteristics of remote controls
• Power supply 3.0V/200 mAh (LiON).
• RF remote controls with a rolling code.

Operating characteristics
• The remote controls can operate at the same time with several devices.
• Programming and cancelling of remote controls by the user himself/herself.
• Ability of the creation of up to 4 groups and subgroups of Master Key remote controls by the user.