Tue, 07/04/2017 - 15:08

Useful Advice

How can I increase security at home?
Keys should not be given to third parties (e.g. valets) nor should we leave them in plain view. Moreover we must make copies at locksmiths we trust. As regards upgraded security door models with an immobilizer system, even if the key is copied it is impossible to unlock the door if the new key has not been priorly recorded in the memory of the lock. 

The opening of the keys should always be made in the presence of the customer, while keys should be kept by all family members who live at home. If there is no safe deposit box, a close member of the family should have a copy in case of emergency. 

Porta Block doors also have an optional second "eye" at a lower height, so that everyone can safely check the space outside the house.

What else can Kryptos offer me?
Kryptos invisible lock system, which operates without a key, ensures the extra protection you need, since it is impossible to detect and break it, even if the security lock is destroyed.

What else should I do in order to maintain my door?
Nothing at all. Due to their manufacture, Porta Block products guarantee durability and trouble free use for decades.

How can I pay for the items I purchased?
In cash or up to 24 interest-free instalments.