Fri, 07/07/2017 - 15:08


Porta Block, after a long course in the security field, understanding the needs of our times, where demand for the protection of persons and property is growing rapidly and having the required knowledge and experience, offers 3 types of safes (Sir-Lock, Matrix, Enigma) for your every need.

All our safes have:

• Triple shielding, 3mm thick walls
• Special corundum filler material (the second hardest material in nature, after the diamond; a mineral with high density which may not be picked if it is attempted to cut / puncture it with heat penetrating and cutting instruments)
• "Sandwich" type of manufacture (high resistance against a violent fall of the safe and protection of its content in case of fire)
• 3mm thick, steel heavy duty security sheet internally
• Cabinet with a lock and movable shelves
• Safe Door: Triple shielding, steel sheet with special 10mm thick corundum and steel filling at the locking points. Double action, ten disc safety lock (20 springs)
• Sliding pins at the front (front-up-down), fixed at the rear
• Heavy duty hinges, externally placed, with resistance to cutting and drilling, 40mm diameter