Mon, 08/07/2017 - 19:32

Security and Surveillance Systems

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of security systems, enable us to inform you that Porta Block provides its clients with a wide range of security and surveillance systems. Furthermore, our specialised teams will be responsible for installing the most appropriate systems for your premises, giving you full security and protection.

Our close cooperation with the most established firms abroad and our reliable after-sales service, have made our company stand out, thanks to our consistency, readiness and reliability.

Porta Block will meet projects of any scale, private or business. We can successfully take on an apartment or a building complex.

Security Systems

All Porta Block systems are technologically advanced, wired or wireless, of high standards and are able to meet any special requirements. Our company will help you choose the most appropriate system, fulfilling your needs in the best possible way.

Surveillance Systems

Porta Block state of the art surveillance systems detect and record every movement within the protected area. The image can be transmitted by wired or wireless means, by phone or online.

At Porta Block, our primary purpose is your comprehensive service. We offer solutions that are designed to meet your special requests, as well as high quality after-sales service. All these elements, ensure an impeccable and long-standing cooperation with you, our clients.