Fri, 07/07/2017 - 15:08

Erietta Vordoni

The internationally renowned artist and sculptor Erietta Vordoni transforms axial security doors into works of art. Her personal style of expression is based on the fusion of different materials, mixed together in a unique and innovative way. The result is a colourful canvas of textures and materials that are brought together and transformed, creating a safe journey with numerous destinations.


Erietta Vordoni studied Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens, graduating with distinction. her professors included Giannis Moralis and Giorgos Mavroedes. She went on to study with a scholarship at the Ecole National Superieure de Beaux Art in Paris. The French Ministry of Culture has given her a life-long atelier there. During her professional career, she has won numerous prestigious awards. Her work is owned by the Greek National Gallery, the Queens Museum in New York, the Musee d' Art Moderne et Art Contemporain in Nice, the National Art Club in New York, the Beren Museum of Art and Science in Paramus New Jersey, the National Museum in Seoul, the Palazzo delle Expositione in Rome, the Otto Centre of Contemporary Art in Milan, the Trevi Flash Art Museum in Trevi, the Strouk Museum in Beirut, the Moca Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salonica, the Gennadius Library, the Benaki Museum in Athens, the Pierides Gallery in Athenaes, and several public and private collections.
Finally, her sculpture entitled 'Chasers of the Skies' which is influenced by the Renaissance, signals the entrance to the Filothei neighbourhood of Athens.