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At Porta Block we are always there for you. Call our Technical Support Department at +30 210 2829861 or send us your message at, for any questions, repair, upgrade and replacement of mechanisms, locks, linings, automatisms and advice.

12 reasons to choose Porta Block.
At Porta Block, every new collaboration is a new challenge.

• Because we have many years of experience and the necessary expertise to recommend the most appropriate solutions in each case.

• Because we invest a lot in personal contact. Therefore, we treat each customer individually, providing solutions on a personal level.

• Because our values are consistency, quality and professionalism.

• Because our products are distinguished for their high aesthetic and functionality.

• Because we want to continually offer new, innovative products that will make your everyday life better.

• Because only here you will find Kryptos, the new, revolutionary invisible additional lock system for the extra security you need.

• Because we particularly care for specific categories of people, such as children or people with mobility problems. Porta Block doors also have an optional second "eye" at a lower height, so that you can safely check the space outside the house.

• Because Porta Block doors offer increased protection, since after you close the embedded security latch bolt from the inside, the bolt does not leave the door open at all, even with its own key.

• Because all our products have the best value-for-money.

• Because we have our own, experienced manufacture and installation crews for our products.

• Because we have the best after sales service market and we are constantly beside you, providing you with full service and support before and after sale.

• Because the placement of Porta Block security doors is performed by clamping 20mm bolts in an irregular formation inside the wall up to 25cm depth, then the steel frame is welded onto them and finally the gap between wall and frame is cemented with white cement. In this way, we achieve a fully compact structure with a great anti-burglar protection.