Fri, 07/07/2017 - 15:08


It never forgets to lock your door...
it keeps you and your family carefree and safe.

What is the innovative AUTO.LOCK mechanism?

It is a mechanism which always locks the house door automatically, without a key, any time a person either enters or exits. To unlock it, you simply need to touch the handle and the door opens automatically, same as with a panic bar. To relock it however, you must use its key, except that now you first have to lock the door and then unlock it. It works as if we had placed a second lock which works upside down, but with the same key.

The Advantages of AUTO.LOCK

It never forgets to lock the door.

It unlocks automatically from inside, with a simple push of the handle.

From outside it unlocks with the same key, but only after you lock your door.

It can be placed on any armoured door, old or new.

It does not cancel nor does it replace the door lock, but it works and operates in parallel with it, regardless of its brand or type.

It raises the door security level by increasing the movements and time of burglary up to 10 times.

It is not an electric but a mechanical system.