Reinforced Security Doors

Reinforced Security Doors Porta Block

Absolute armour


25 Points

Technical characteristics

1.5mm galvanized steel sheets, joined with vertical and horizontal ribs
Closed type galvanized metal frame, 2mm thick
3 adjustable steel heavy duty hinges with bearings
25 safety points
Double CISA cylinder lock (technology with gears and catapult) for maximum anti-burglar protection which combines both top AP3 S and RS3 S cylinders by CISA. CISA Defender lock protector escutcheon of cast reinforced steel.
KRYPTOS anti-burglar system which guarantees absolute security
SLA.ALARM burglary prevention system
AUTO.LOCK mechanical automatic locking system
Fire resistance for 45 minutes (optional)
Manganese plate for the protection of the lock, of Kryptos and the night security latch bolt
• Combines all linings (CPL, PVC, natural veneer, lacquer, sea plywood, styles, glass, marble, cement mortar and aluminium), all colours and all designs
"Porta Block" night security latch bolt
• High technology "Down Force" Ribs (double ribs) for maximum anti-burglar protection
• Acoustic and thermal insulation material
• Automatic windbreak
• Panoramic 180 degree peep-hole
• Full perimeter double rubber gasket on the door and the frame for additional thermal and acoustic insulation
• Dimensions on demand
• Upgraded CONVEX knobs in a wide variety of designs and colours